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Discover the most intuitive guide in doing slow-paced breathing exercises. Finding inner peace has never been this easy.

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Moonbird helps:

Lower stress in 10 minutes:
Science shows just 10 min. of slow breathing makes you more relaxed

Improve sleep quality by 37%:
Moonbird is the easiest way to breathe yourself to sleep

Reduce anxiety within 5 minutes:
Just 5 min. of slow breathing already decreases anxiety

Personalize your breathing exercise
Balanced breathing, box breathing, 4-7-8? Customize the pace of a breathing exercise to your own needs

Delivery in 1-3 business days

30 days trial period

100% money-back guarantee

Free delivery, free returns

  • What is included?

    Your moonbird

    Charging cable

    Protective pouch

    Access to the moonbird app

    Guided breathing exercises and audio guides

  • Why should I buy a breathing coach?

    If you tried traditional mediation or breathing techniques, you might have noticed how difficult it is to keep your focus. Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra help. Moonbird makes breathing exercises easy and thereby more effective.
  • When and where do I use moonbird?

    Between two meetings, in traffic jams, in bed. You decide where and when you take a break. We advise starting with short, 4 to 6 min exercises, for 2 or 3 times a day to reap the most benefits and get used to breathing with moonbird.
  • Free shipping, free returns

    We know you’ll love it. But in case you don’t, we offer a free return and full refund in the first 30 days. We apply a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Two-year warranty period

    Moonbird is covered by a warranty against any defects in materials and/or artisanship for two years from the date of original purchase.
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Moonbird vs. “mindfulness” apps


No screen or phone required


Personalized breathing exercises

One-time purchase

Tactile, intuitive guidance

Trusted by over 40,000 people

Why tactile guidance?

Apart from the chemical senses smelling and tasting, the sense of touch is one of the oldest and most primitive ways of communicating with our environment. Seeing and hearing evolved much later in our development. They require a lot of neural machinery and are more cognitive demanding. Using our sense of touch to communicate signals can be perceived soothing in itself. It’s why we give each other a hug and why children have teddy bears. Moonbird uses the power of touch to guide you to breathe slowly.

Use the app
to get more value
from moonbird

  • Multiple breathing exercises

    Pick a preset breathing exercise or go custom and set your own breathing rhythm to sync with the moonbird.

  • Real-time biofeedback

    Watch your body’s immediate response such as Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

  • Progress

    Check your statistics over time and see yourself progress after each session.

  • Educational content

    Discover our in-app content and learn everything you need to know about the power of breathing. 

Free delivery,
free returns

30 days
trial period


Try moonbird for 30 days without any risk

We offer a 30-day trial period.
This way, you can comfortably try out moonbird and discover all its positive effects for yourself. Not right for you? Simply send moonbird back, and we'll refund you.
We doubt it will be the case.


  • How do I know that moonbird really works?

    Breathing exercises are grounded in extensive research. On top, moonbird offers a unique tactile guidance for a more effective experience. Supervised by medical professionals, we conducted high-density EEG studies, showing that moonbird’s guided breathing leads to a calmer mind.

    On top, in sleep studies, 80%of participants  reported 40% improved sleep quality. Our advice? Try moonbird and experience the effects yourself.

  • Why should I buy a $199 breathing coach?

    If you tried traditional meditation or breathing techniques, you might have noticed how difficult it is to keep your focus. Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra help. Moonbird does exactly that. The tactile guidance makes it easy for you to stay focused. Moonbird makes breathing exercises easy, and thereby more effective.

  • When will I receive my moonbird?

    We do our best to send you your moonbird as soon as it hatches. It takes 1 up to 10 business days - depending on the country you live in - to have your moonbird with you:

    • BeNeLux: 1 - 3 business days
    • EU (except BeNeLux): 3 - 5 business days
    • UK: 1 - 3 business days
    • US: 3-5 business days

  • How do I use moonbird?

    Moonbird is a physical breathing guide: it expands and contracts in the hand, providing you a slow pace to match with your breathing. Breathe in while the device expands, breathe out while the device contracts. You don't have to think or count your breaths anymore, all you need to do is breathe along. 

  • Do I need an app to use moonbird?

    You don't need the app to use moonbird. The device is specially designed so that it can be used with or without a smartphone. If you want to use moonbird without your smartphone, just activate it via the intuitive wake & shake principle.

  • What does the app offer?

    Do you want to see the impact of the exercises on your body? Moonbird incorporates a photoplethysmogram​​ (PPG) sensor that acquires heart rate data and comes with a mobile app. The app presents real-time biofeedback on HR and HRV and the level of coherence. The app also allows you to select different exercises or set your own personal breathing rhythm. Lastly, the app is filled with educational content and guidance to help you tap into the superpower of your breath.

  • Can I get reimbursed for my moonbird?

    There are already some health insurances that reimburse (part of) your purchase. Zilveren Kruis, a health insurer in The Netherlands, for instance, reimburses 50% of your purchase. Please check here for more information. Please contact your insurer and ask them if they reimburse moonbird.

  • What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

    You can try moonbird during 30 days. If you're not happy, we're not happy. You can return your moonbird for any reason. Contact the helpdesk via We love to get feedback from you.