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Meet moonbird—the world’s #1 handheld breathing coach designed to help you live well with anxiety.

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"It’s biggest selling point is how easy it is to use. This device makes it simple to weave breathwork into my routine."

"It really works. I’ve woken up holding the little nugget more than once in the week I’ve tried it out."

"I tried this $199 breathing coach to help me relax. It actually worked."

"Our testers who struggle with traditional meditation and breathwork enjoyed this physical prompt to guide them and help them stay on track."

Calm breathing,
less anxiety.

Anxiety can overstimulate your nervous system, causing both mental and physical distress. With the right tools and techniques, you can regain control.  By aligning your breath with moonbird, you can reduce your stress levels and promote relaxation, which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help you to live well with  anxiety and restore inner peace.

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Select different exercises
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in real-time

  • 1. Personalized exercises

    Pick a breathing exercise or choose your own rhythm to sync with the moonbird. You can also create breathing exercises that work for you.

  • 2. Real-time biofeedback

    Watch your body’s immediate response such as Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability (HR, HRV).

  • 3. Progress

    Check your statistics and see yourself progress after
    each session.

  • 4. Audio guides

    Discover our in-app audio guides on stress, HRV, anxiety 
and sleeping problems.

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Dr. Steven Laureys

Professor of Neurology

“Slow breathing helps you to control the nervous system and the workings of the mind. moonbird is an added value because it guides your breathing and gives biofeedback.”

Dr. Steven Laureys, Professor of Neurology

Feel the effect in 30 days, or get your money back.

Day 1-10

Get accustomed to syncing your breath with the movement of your moonbird.

Day 11-20

You'll notice that slow breathing triggers parasympathetic activity, helping your body to relax.

Day 21-30

Breathing with moonbird you will experience deep relaxation as your heart rate syncs with your breathing.

Science-backed, endorsed by +500 clinical practitioners

The benefits of moonbird on sleep quality and daytime functioning The benefits of moonbird on sleep quality and daytime functioning

Science-backed, endorsed by +500 clinical practitioners


experience enhanced psychological well-being


experience better
sleep quality


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