Don’t think. Just breathe.

It may sound easy, but distractions often triumph over our focus. It helps to have something to hold onto— literally. Our scientific research led us to something so simple we tend to overlook it: your breath. Not only does it keep you alive, you can also use it to reset yourself. Our mission is easy: to make as many people as possible discover how much power they hold. Just by breathing.

There is no moonbird without them.

Stefanie Broes

CEO, co-founder

Michael Broes

CFO, CTO, co-founder

Jonatan Snyders

Data scientist, Growth Marketeer

Gilles Grosemans

Production Manager

Yordi Uytersprot

Senior Software Developer

Ruben Peeters

HR, CS and Office Manager

Yentell Perdieus

Clinical Ambassador Manager & Junior Growth Marketeer

Find your calm,
one breath at a time.

Meet moonbird—the world’s #1 handheld breathing coach designed to help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and combat sleeping problems.