Breathing exercises for neurodiverse individuals: regulate emotions and relieve stress

Meet moonbird—the world’s #1 handheld breathing coach designed to help alleviate stress, which may help individuals live well with ASD and ADHD

Tactile breathing exercises for neurodiverse individuals

Slow, guided breathing reduces stress and promotes relaxation, which may help individuals live well with ASD and ADHD as part of a healthy lifestyle. Moonbird provides a user-friendly solution, offering tactile guidance and clear biofeedback for effortless relaxation.

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Select different exercises
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  • 1. Personalized exercises

    Pick a breathing exercise or choose your own rhythm to sync with the moonbird. You can also create breathing exercises that work for you.

  • 2. Real-time biofeedback

    Watch your body’s immediate response such as Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability (HR, HRV).

  • 3. Progress

    Check your statistics and see yourself progress after
    each session.

  • 4. Audio guides

    Discover our in-app audio guides on stress, HRV, anxiety 
and sleeping problems.

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