Rainbow breathing for kids

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In today’s overly connected and digital world, children are easily overly stimulated. Many parents are in dire need of easy exercises to help their child with sensory overload. While there are some exercises for kids who experience overstimulation, there are not that many.Rainbow breathing is a breathing exercise incorporating the colors of the rainbow to guide kids through a calming and rejuvenating breathing practice. This engaging technique not only makes mindfulness fun but also provides a valuable tool for youngsters to navigate the ups and downs of daily life.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • what rainbow breathing is
  • how to practice rainbow breathing
  • a printable rainbow breathing poster

Scroll down to access the poster you can print out to practice rainbow breathing with kids practically everywhere.

What is rainbow breathing?

Breathing exercises for adults are popular nowadays, but what about kids? They might also feel overwhelmed which can be caused by a range of situations that is as broad as an adult’s range. But how can they cope with stress, restlessness, or overstimulation? Breathing exercises can be a valuable tool for kids and adults. Kids can take slow, deep breaths whenever they feel stressed, anxious, tired, after playing sports, or just when they have too much energy. This helps them feel better and calm down. Read more about breathing exercises for kids in this article.

Rainbow breathing is a breathing technique designed for kids and it not only captivates young minds with its vibrant imagery but also helps children develop self-regulation skills, improve focus, and manage their emotions effectively. This technique makes a fantastic tool for parents, educators, and therapists looking to introduce mindfulness to young kids.

The rainbow breathing technique explained

Follow these easy steps to do this fun breathing exercise:

1. Start at the first white dot on the outer arch, red in this case. They breathe in while tracing the red arch to the other side with their finger.

2. Once they reach the other side, they can breathe out while beginning at the white dot again, tracing it to the other side.

3. Repeat this cycle till you reach the middle arch, purple in this case.

Encourage kids to take deep breaths, directing their attention to breathing in while observing how their body gradually calms down.

Rainbow meditation during rainbow breathing

While practicing rainbow breathing, you can add another exercise to keep them focused on the moment: rainbow meditation . This exercise can add another layer to relaxing breathing exercises. In rainbow meditation, children are encouraged to concentrate on the colors of the rainbow while engaging in mindful thoughts to feel more grounded.

Encourage the child to concentrate on each color they are tracing on the rainbow poster, prompting them to think of an item in nature or in their environment that matches that color as they inhale or exhale.

That means when they are tracing the white dot on the red arch of the rainbow, for example, they can think about a red object. Strawberries are red, so kids can focus on how sweet strawberries taste. This extra exercise can be done for each color of the rainbow.

Conscious and focused thoughts while doing the rainbow breathing exercise can thus be beneficial to return to a peaceful state.



In today's world, where everything is connected through technology, kids can get overwhelmed easily. Parents really need some easy activities to help their children when they feel too stimulated. Introducing mindfulness techniques like rainbow breathing to children is a wonderful way to help them develop important life skills, such as ways to calm down when they need to. This colorful and imaginative exercise empowers kids to manage their emotions, improve their concentration, and enjoy the benefits of relaxation in a fun and interactive way. So, encourage your child to give these exercises a go and let them experience the benefits themselves through rainbow breathing!

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