Research shows: moonbird significantly improves sleep quality

Research shows: moonbird significantly improves sleep quality

Written by: Stefanie Broes



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Between 20-30% of all adults struggle with sleeping problems (1-3). Poor sleep has a major impact on our health and quality of life, something you can feel after just one broken night. When sleep is disturbed, a pill is quickly seized upon, but we then overlook the best remedy: conscious, slow breathing.

A recent pilot study we conducted in collaboration with LiCalab shows that daily use of moonbird significantly improves sleep.

Pilot study shows that breathing with moonbird ensures:

✓ 37% better sleep quality

✓ 26% longer sleep duration

✓ 32% better functioning during the day

✓ 28% quicker falling asleep

✓ 30% better rested upon waking up


Slow breathing is key to a good night’s sleep

Research has previously shown that slow, controlled breathing is the key to a good night's sleep (4). It calms your nervous system, reduces stress, and calms the mind. We developed moonbird specifically for this purpose. Our tool makes doing slow breathing exercises easy(er) and intuitive; it acts as a breathing coach in your hand. This is proving to be of great value to many people.

Receiving a lot of positive feedback from our users is wonderful, but we also look into continuously validating our product. Hence, in a recent pilot study in collaboration with LiCalab, a research group at Thomas More Hogeschool, we investigated the usability of moonbird, and its potential impact on the sleep quality of poor sleepers.

Sleep quality significantly improved thanks to moonbird

In this mixed-method pilot study, 40 participants with sleeping problems used moonbird for one month. To measure the impact, surveys collected feedback on user experience, subjective sleep quality, and the usability of the device and its app both before and after the study period.

The results did not lie. They showed that moonbird can be a good and workable solution for people with sleep problems. Participants' subjective sleep quality was found to be significantly improved after using the breathing tool and app. People also felt more energized and rested during the day with daily use of moonbird.

This study supports the adoption and acceptance of moonbird, and provides preliminary evidence of the positive impact of innovative health technology on sleep quality. Based on the study’s findings, recommendations were drafted for developers of respiratory technologies and eHealth.


Experiencing Moonbird for yourself?

It is our mission to help as many people as possible to a more pleasant and calm life in an accessible and effective way. Are you curious how moonbird can improve your sleep quality? Then know that you can always test our tool for 30 days without any obligation. Not satisfied? Money back. We are only satisfied if you are.



Read the full study: ​​Evaluation of a tactile breath pacer for sleep problems: a mixed method pilot study

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