Content creator Talisa Loup on panic attacks and conscious breathing

Content creator Talisa Loup on panic attacks and conscious breathing

Written by: Stefanie Broes



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Talisa Loup is one of Belgium's most successful social media influencers, with around 312,000 followers on Instagram. On her YouTube channel, you can regularly watch a new vlog about everything that is going on in her life.

Despite the fact that Talisa intensely enjoys her work as a content creator and her six-month-old son, she has also been struggling with panic attacks since puberty. How does she deal with this, and what role does breathing play in this?

During a panic attack or an anxious moment, it is very difficult to stay focused on my breathing. Moonbird makes this a lot easier for me.

Talisa, how are you doing at the moment?

"I am doing okay. I say okay, because I’m going through some ups and downs. I became a mother of a very sweet and beautiful son six months ago. And as beautiful as motherhood is, it is also hard. The past six months, my nights have been interrupted and that makes me tired.

New motherhood also comes with a lot of uncertainties which can be a bit of a challenge. The fluctuations and changes in my hormones can lead to lesser moments as well. But I try to enjoy my little man as much as possible, and of course, I wouldn't have it any other way."

What happens at times when you feel less good about yourself?

"I regularly suffer from panic attacks. Since the age of 15 I have been struggling with an anxiety disorder called emetophobia: fear of vomiting. During the pregnancy and the first five months after the pregnancy, I, fortunately, did not suffer from this. My hormones were changing so much that I hardly experienced any fear.

However, since a month ago, the fear has started to return which - eventually - manifested itself in panic attacks. It affects me at the most uncomfortable moments, such as at the checkout in the supermarket or in the cinema. It's highly unpleasant.”

What do you do when a panic attack overwhelms you?

"I try to focus on my breathing, which is not always easy... I often tell myself that nothing can happen and that I have to stay calm. If that really doesn't work, my only way out is to escape. I then have to go outside as quickly as possible.”

You were already familiar with doing breathing exercises?

"Yes, because of my anxiety disorder, I have been learning about the power of breathing. I was already doing some breathing exercises from time to time, but during a panic attack or an anxious moment, it is very difficult to stay focused on my breathing.

However, I recently received my moonbird, and I use it daily. The tool keeps me focused on my breathing, which helps me a lot. I take it with me almost everywhere since my fear has recently become more intense. Merely the idea that I have it with me is already reassuring."

What else helps you to make life more enjoyable?

"Friendliness, I become very happy around friendly people. When I walk down the street in my village, I greet everyone. Some people find that strange, but I find it very nice when people say something to me. Even at the checkout in the supermarket: saying "Have a nice day" always makes my day better!"


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